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Call us toll-free from the USA and Canada at 1 (800) 366-2156. We're happy to answer questions! Please be aware that our customer service staff is working remotely most days, so it may take up to a week for us to call you back when you call us. However, on the bright side, working from home means we are often able to deal with urgent issues online over the weekend! For fastest helpcontact us through our website.

Our online store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and contains over 10,000 products.

Our customer service / sales associates are experienced jewelry makers, who know how to use the products we sell. When you call or email us, you are not dealing with some distant call center. Being in the Northwest US (almost to Canada), we pride ourselves on friendly, personal serviceNow that we've got you all excited about calling us... we should let you know that due to COVID social distancing... our customer service staff is working remotely, so the fastest way to get help right now is online. Whether you talk to us over the phone or online, you can: 

  • Get your questions answered thoroughly and efficiently.
  • Get personal help making a special order or troubleshooting online issues.
  • Let us know exactly what you want. Our staff can hand-pick goods for you. Even working remotely, we'll find a way to make it work!
  • Work with someone to add to an existing order (it may be possible immediately after submitting an order, but is generally not possible a few hours later. Replying to your e-mailed order confirmation and including the exact details you need changed, is  fastest).
  • Ask jewelry-making advice of staff members.

Monday & Tuesday mornings, we are currently unable to answer the phone. For fastest support, please email us / submit a ticket. We do care! -- but due to social distancing rules, we have reduced in-house staff. And due to the volume of emails, cases and calls we receive Sunday night, we already have a full queue when we start work Monday morning. Whether you call or email, please provide detailed information about what you need help with, so we can help you faster by researching it before we call/email you back. We will call you back in the same order that messages were left on the phone, but it may be up to a week before we are able to call you back.