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Yes, we ship to you! Rings & Things ships to any country that accepts packages from the USA!

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International Ordering

  • Declaration of goods: Customs receives a copy of your invoice with full description, country of origin, quantity and price for each item. For most countries, the contents of our shipments are described as "craft supplies" on the customs form. For Germany, the contents are listed as "incomplete or unfinished articles of costume jewelry." If you have questions, please call your local customs office.
  • Brokerage fees, taxes & duties may apply to your order. Some countries apply charges to certain imported goods.
    The customer is responsible for all brokerage fees, customs duties, and taxes. Rings & Things does not charge, or profit from, these fees.
  • The exchange rate is determined by the financial establishment handling the transaction at the time the payment is collected.
  • Certificates of origin: Goods made in NAFTA countries (USA, Canada & Mexico) are tax and duty free to import into another NAFTA country. For UPS orders shipping to Canada and Mexico, we include a certificate of origin. If you do not live in a NAFTA country, but will sell your goods in one, a certificate of origin can be useful when you export your goods. We can include certificates of origin with orders sent to non-NAFTA countries upon request.
  • Harmonized codes are universal item/commodity codes (similar to a UPC code). They are included on orders shipping to Canada and Mexico. The last four digits of the codes we use are specific to Canada. We can include harmonized codes on any shipment if requested.
  • Value: The cost of your merchandise with no added fees is the total value declared to customs on all orders. For security reasons, FedEx and UPS display the value in bar codes, so it can be seen only by the shipper and customs.
  • "Small value shipments" of under $1500 (USD) typically take less time to go through customs, and are often not taxed if sent via the Post Office (USPS). See below for more on shipping carriers.
  • If you have customs questions, call your local customs office.

International Shipping

We offer the following international shipping discounts! These discounts will automatically apply during checkout:

  • UPS Worldwide Expedited - 35% Off list rate
  • UPS Worldwide Express - 35% Off list rate
  • FedEx International Economy - 20% Off list rate
  • FedEx International Priority - 20% Off list rate

All shipping costs are estimated during checkout, and are based on the size and weight of your order, plus the shipping method selected.

  • If actual shipping costs differ from the online store estimate, you will be charged the lower amount in the vast majority of cases. Shipments over 70 lbs. will be split into smaller packages, which may increase the shipping price (click "View Cart" to check an order's weight). Additional Exceptions.
  • Shipping time estimates, including those for guaranteed services, are dependent on normal customs clearance which varies from country to country.
  • Least Expensive: Post Office First Class Mail® International is typically the cheapest option for packages under 4lbs. Post Office Priority Mail® International is typically the cheapest option for packages over 4lbs. Shipments via either method typically take 4-10 days. The Post Office (USPS) does not charge brokerage fees. Post Office shipments valued under $1500 (USD) typically take less time to go through customs, and often do not get taxed.
    • Please keep in mind that First Class International packages are not insured, and are not trackable.
  • Least Expensive TRACKABLE: Post Office Express Mail® International is typically the cheapest option for trackable international shipments. You can track and confirm Post Office Express Mail International.
  • International shipments over $400 (USD) are not eligible for USPS First Class or Priority Envelope/Small Box flat rates.
  • If using UPS or FedEx, please refer to their import/export regulations.
  • See general shipping policies for information about holiday shipping exceptions, insurance, and other general shipping topics that are also relevant to international shipments.

Territorial Islands

When shipping to Territorial Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands, choose USA as your country. The Post Office (USPS) treats these destinations as domestic deliveries.


In addition to the details below about shipments to Canada, please also see International Ordering above.

  • We suggest USPS Mail International for shipments to Canada. UPS Standard looks less expensive than USPS, but UPS charges brokerage fees at the time of delivery while USPS does not. FedEx also charges brokerage fees, which are often an additional $10 - 40.
  • Express Mail International is NOT owned by Canada Post, so shipments to a PO Box in Canada may be delayed due to the necessary transfer between carriers.
  • Hazardous items (noted with HZ1, HZ2 or HZ3 icons and red shipping warning text) can be shipped to most parts of Canada, but only via UPS Standard (which charges brokerage fees). Contact us if you have questions about whether we can ship these items to your address.
  • You do not need a reseller permit (tax number / resale tax ID) to order from us. Orders picked up in our showroom or shipped to Washington State addresses will be charged sales tax unless you have a Tax ID on file with us.