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Rings & Things welcomes everyone to shop for high-quality, low-priced jewelry making supplies! Prices visible when you are not logged in are retail prices available to everyone.

If you have a current, valid** Tax ID, you're invited to join our Wholesale Program for extra savings! If you live in a location that doesn't provide Tax ID's, you can submit a current, valid** Business License Number or EIN instead. Enroll today and make Rings & Things your one-stop-shopping headquarters for wholesale jewelry making supplies! It takes approximately 24 hours to validate your tax ID or business license. If you are being taxed after you receive your confirmation, and you don't think you should be, please verify your shipping address, or see our Resale Tax Identification page. We cannot retroactively apply the wholesale discount, so please watch for your confirmation email before placing a wholesale order. (Verification and confirmation is normally the same business day!)

About our Wholesale Program

Rings & Things' Wholesale Program automatically gives its members the next quantity price break, up to the highest price break. For example, say a bead is sold by the each, 10, 100, and 1000. In the Wholesale Program, if you order 1-9, you'll receive the 10's quantity price break. If you order 10, you'll receive the 100's quantity price break, and if you order 100, you'll receive the top-tier 1000's quantity price break.

Once you're successfully enrolled, your wholesale prices automatically display when you're logged in to the account associated with your Tax ID or Business License. To see the retail price, log out or open the page in a different browser. Just remember to log back in to get your wholesale discounts! 

Enroll Now

If you're a new customer, set up an account , including your business address. If you're an existing customer, log in to your account, and verify or update your current address.

Once you've created your account / verified your account information, click Cases > Submit New Case, add a subject: Wholesale Registration and send us 1. your Reseller Permit Number (or other valid tax ID for your region), 2. your tax registration state, province, or region, and 3. expiration date (if applicable). You should receive an email confirmation with a case number within a few minutes. Please reply to it, and attach a copy of your Reseller Permit / Tax ID (or fax a copy to 509-838-2602). If you fax, be sure to include your email address so we can match it up to your account.

Please note: If you send us your business license or UBI instead of a Reseller/Tax ID, you can still enroll in our Wholesale program, but if your order is picked up in or delivered to Washington state (or other states where we are required to charge sales tax on retail orders), the order will be taxable.

Watch for your enrollment confirmation or any followup questions. Verification and confirmation is normally the same business day.

Once you've submitted your current, valid** resale ID, please allow 1 business day for processing and validating. Once your account has been validated, we'll send you a confirmation email. At that point, you will automatically see your wholesale prices any time you're logged in to the account associated with your Resale ID.

Happy wholesale shopping!

To Verify Your Enrollment:

If you don't see your wholesale account confirmation within 1 business day, please check your clutter/spam/junk folders, and then contact us if you can't find it.

To Compare Wholesale and Retail Prices

When you are logged into your Wholesale account, you do not see (or receive) the retail price. To compare the retail and wholesale prices:

  1. Log out, or open our store in an alternate browser (not just a different window, but a whole different browser, like FireFox vs. Chrome vs. Internet Explorer).
  2. Add an item to your cart. 
  3. Make sure it's an item that displays quantity price breaks, and isn't excluded from discounts.
  4. Click on the shopping cart icon to see your price -- Jot it down.
  5. Click on the product's name or image to see all the prices. Jot them down.
  6. Log in.
  7. Click on the shopping cart icon, and look at the item's price. Compare the price you wrote down before. Sometimes it's slow to update when you log out and in -- you might need to click on the quantity and adjust it up and down to get the cart to refresh the price.
  8. Stay logged in while shopping, and it will always apply your wholesale prices.

**Keep in Mind

Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax or the payment thereof through the use of fraudulent tax information shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof:

  • Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
  • Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
  • Or both, together with the costs of prosecution